Local Art: Emma Lilian Martin

Emma Lilian Martin is an artist and Illustrator who studied at Limaviady College and Cardiff Met. Emma also works full time caring for dogs at an Animal Charity. Emma spoke to The Jumble Magazine about her artwork, finding inspiration in animals, and getting through a year of Lock Downs. 

I’ve always enjoyed making and creating, from a very young age-  I was forever being told off for scribbling on the walls as a child.If i had to narrow it down, I would describe my art as a dreamy colour scene with no straight lines. 

My inspirations often depend on the mood that I’m in, but I have a big love for nature, animals, and architecture. I think music is also one of the most important things to impact my work. 

The vibrant colours and shapes I use make my art unique, sometimes I use colours that may not necessarily be in the image the painting is based off, using more experimental techniques. 

Due to being a key worker, the Lock Downs haven’t really affected my day to day life as much as others, but I’ve noticed that I do have a lot more time to paint. 

In regards to the local art scene, my favorite thing is how much diversity of art you see in it, it’s so inspiring to see so many talented people. 

Check out more of Emma’s artwork on Instagram.


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