Poetry For Staying Home Collection

Fountain (ten of cups)

Poetry (but not as you know it): Piotrowski & Meehan.

Pink Moon by Dominique Arguelles

a long hot shower on an ice cold day by Orry Shorys Kerr

Chalk-dust by Amy McGleenan

Natural History by Catherine Kerr

Nascita by Rose Winter

Faces in the Street by Eileanor Crilly

Little Birds by Rachel Hasson

Ireland, a Half-thing by Adam Martin

Red Light District by Catherine Kerr

Free Youth by Corbyn John

The Waiting (For Erin) By Zara Meadows

Details by Huda Al Baqali

Desire by Cody Austin

Erotes by Cody Austin

Thirteen by Lauren Kerr

Clifton by Rebecca McMinn

bel fast by Rose Winter

Wandering Eye by Rachel Hasson

Wild Atlantic Way by Maddy Kinkead

Houses of Parliament by Orry Kerr

Absence of Complication by Jessica Langley

Sunday’s Scenarios by Caitlin Young

Cuckoo by Emma Buckley

Trivial Things by Megan McGarrity

Robyn’s Baby by Sarah James

Zeppelins by Matthew Rice

Another Party Exit by Caitlin Young

New Years Day by Emma Buckley

Everything is Quiet by Isara Rose O’Kane

A Year Spent In Love by Leah Taylor

Hot Tea, No Shoes, Radio by Sam Dineen

Beechland by Joanna Magill

Family Home by Joanna Magill

Seasonal Treason by Daniel Healy

Coffee by Daniel Healy

Morning by Daniel Healy

A Poem About Being Happy by Megan Hopkin

Wait And See by Megan Hopkin

Fingerprints on Photographs by Megan Hopkin

Words That Dance by Darragh Ginley

Cars by Mark Russell

Drift by Mark Russell

Wrench by Mark Russell

Prague by Lauren Kerr

Man of the Night by Lauren Kerr