Fresh Music: Spireview

Photo by Dean Machala

Bangor based artist Spireview, A.K.A Ross Machala is leaving a genre merging mark on the NI scene. Taking inspiration from hip-hop, alt pop, and emo, his upcoming EP ‘Night Cycles’ Drops on the 26th of February. Having just released the first single ‘Out of Mind’ (featuring Belfast based rapper Leo Miyagee) Ross spoke to The Jumble Magazine about his introduction to music and his creative process. 

When I think back to my initial introduction to music, I remember being a kid with an active imagination, but I was never great at writing or drawing, and had no real outlet for my creativity. I have a vague memory of watching the video for ‘The Pretender’ by the Foo Fighters for the first time and knowing at that point I wanted to play the guitar. 

In my teens I was playing in a couple of metal bands and I wanted to learn music production so I could record demos. Eventually I grasped that when it came to playing guitar my technical abilities weren’t up to scratch to fully articulate the ideas in my head. Through bands like ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ and ‘Periphery’ as well as passionate music technology tutors at tech – my ears were introduced to electronic leaning productions and glitched out warm IDM sounds. Vocals became a necessity, I was tired of making instrumental music and didn’t feel it was expressive enough – plus I couldn’t find many singers to work with, so that sent me on a path of learning to sing and write songs – still have a lot left to figure out.

Now a lot of the lyrics come subconsciously, if I’m really inspired the music unveils words to me through shapes and sounds in melodies and it’s only later that I fully attach meaning, I never sit down and say I wanna write a song about x or y, just wouldn’t work for me. 

Some of those songs deal with mental health related topics, I think our society should be more comfortable with being vulnerable with others – open and honest communication can never really hurt and most of the time we realise we have much more in common than we thought. 

Artwork by Dean Machala

Working with Leo Miyagee was great, he has a way with words that I can only respect and admire. Musically we do come from different places but I think we ride on a similar wavelength and so the process of creating is really smooth and enjoyable

Looking ahead, I would like to be faster with my output. I spent the majority of 2019 and 2020 in a state of constant doubt, but feel I’ve a better understanding now. I hope to work with some other artists locally as well as try and push the boundaries a bit further for myself.  With the way the world is now it’s better to observe and react to it rather than try to control it, you’ll only drive yourself crazy.

‘Out of Mind’ Track Review:

This track captures the feelings of late night anxieties and preemptive fears. Leo Miyagee’s feature flows wonderfully, complimenting Spireviews dreamy and unsettling sound. Almost artificial sounding vocals crash against the sleepy backbeat with Spireview singing ‘I know my time is almost up’. This track is great for fans of Post Malone, and it’s something unusual to add to your next playlist.

Review by Sam Dineen

Check out more of Spireview’s music on Spotify and keep up to date with further releases on Instagram, follow Leo Miyagee on Instagram to keep up with his solo work.

Listen to ‘Out of Mind’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist, available here.


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