The Wirelessin’ Podcast

Father and son Barry and Liam Douglas have recently teamed up their combined musical knowledge to record and release the Wirelessin’ Podcast- a Podcast that chats music, performing, and all the twists and turns that come with it. Barry Douglas is the founder and Artistic Director of Camerata Ireland, and Liam plays in previously featured band Becky and the Keys. The Douglas duo spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about the podcast, which is now available to stream.

Barry Douglas:

My day job is travelling around playing the piano in classical concerts. I feel very fortunate to be able to see many parts of the world and to make music with great musicians.

I founded Camerata Ireland over 20 years ago in response to the Good Friday Agreement -I wanted to try and bring musicians from all parts of Ireland together. The orchestra has toured the world many times and has made many recordings and videos. 

The festival is the annual summer get-together for my musician friends and my orchestra to make music together and to hang out! It takes place at the Clandeboye estate near Bangor, Co. Down, and welcomes young musicians to the estate for masterclasses and concerts with world-famous classical musicians. A real festival spirit !

Liam and I have had such fun making these podcasts- I had thought it was going to be difficult to chat for a long time about music and how Liam’s rock world is linked to my classical world! But it flowed very well and we were able to banter and make fun of each other.

Both the podcast and my orchestra prove that people can get together and create things which make a difference.

I hope people will enjoy seeing our worlds clash and harmonize!

Liam Douglas:

Playing lead guitar in Becky and the Keys is one of the greatest things because I get to write the music however I want. Our bassist, Conor and our drummer, Stephen make our songs sound like they were always meant to be, and Becky’s voice raises it to a whole new level. I should say it more to Becky but she and compliments don’t go together. She says that she doesn’t want to rest on people saying how good she is because she always wants to be better and that’s admirable. We’ve written some of our best songs to date during 2020 and have enough for 2 records. We’ve pushed back our recording session in Windmill Lane 3 times so at the moment we’re preparing in other ways for our single releases by finalizing the cover art – my cousin Owen Mackle is the artist/graphic designer for them. 

Doing the Wirelessin’ podcast with my dad is amazing because we’re very similar and it’s natural; of course we’re both musicians, but he is on the classical side and I’m in the more commercial rock side of things so we discuss our decisions that got us where we are today, and the differences and similarities in our stories.  The fundamental ideas of being a musician are the same for everyone. I hope the podcast can show my dad to everyone in a new light- he’s not just a “classical” musician- he’s passionate about music, that’s why he does what he does. He’s never looked down on more contemporary music, he even took me to see The Rolling Stones in Croke Park. He’s fun to be around; he’s almost as childish as me and is open to everything. 

You can listen to the Wirelessin’ Podcast on Spotify and Apple Music.


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