New Music: Velvet Ocean

Belfast based Chillwave Producer Balcony Sunrise A.K.A David Ferris releases his debut single ‘Velvet Ocean’ today- a track inspired by the beauty of the NI coast and the serenity nature offers him during lock downs and restrictions. David Spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about the new track.

I produced the track in my bedroom – i’ve converted it into a real musical hub for myself, so I’ve got a production studio at one end and now I’ve got a performance area at the other end of the room for making live videos of tracks I’m working on. I don’t use much apart from my guitar, a small keyboard and a few pedals. Everything else is just effects and synths from the laptop. I like having a limited amount of gear as it makes me more productive and also helps to get a consistent sound. 
A lot of my inspiration for my music comes from visuals, artwork, movies or thinking about past events.  At the moment, I really like looking at artwork from a Japanese artist Hiroshi Nagai, who makes minimalist paintings of oceans, beaches, pools etc. It goes really well with the chillwave aesthetic. Artwork definitely plays a big part in the genre. 

In creating ‘Velvet Ocean’, I was inspired by taking trips to the coastal areas around Northern Ireland. Every time I visit a beach or look out towards the sea, I feel hopeful. I wanted to make this my first release going into the new year, projecting my hopes that these strange times will soon come to an end. I played the chord progression on my guitar first -which I would do quite often- and then figured out how to play those chords on the keyboard. Then I just improvise some melodies over the track and take it from there.


For those dreaming of the summer months ‘Velvet Ocean’ is perfect. It’s a lovely, smooth combination of 80’s synth and more modern chill beats. Whether it’s to accompany your chilly lock down walks, working from home, or simply for taking a moment to relax- this track is sure to lift your spirits.

Review by Sam Dineen

You can listen to ‘Velvet Ocean’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist and check out Balcony Sunrise on Spotify, Instagram and Twitter.

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