Artist Profile : Caoimhe Withers

Caoimhe Withers is a Lurgan based artist who has recently graduated from Southern Regional College with Liverpool John Moores University achieving a BA hons in Creative Imaging. Caoimhe spoke to The Jumble about her art and the lock down. 

How would you describe your work?

 I would call it ‘Experimental nature manipulation’.

What inspires you to create?

Flowers, leaves, and nature would be my biggest inspiration.

What makes your art ‘yours’?

I feel that my approach is pretty unique: I take photographs, make scans, and then I manipulate them using photoshop. There aren’t many artists that create art in a style like mine and I think that makes my work stand out. People always seem intrigued by the colours I use, and the intricate patterns found in my work. One of biggest inspirations for the colours I use is the work of Mark Rothko, he is one of my favourite artists, I love to look at his block colour paintings before I start a new piece to get some inspiration for my colour schemes. 

What impact has the lock down had on you and your work?

I work as a classroom assistant but due to the lock down I’m only working for one day a week currently. The lock down has really given me so much more time to focus on creating new work. It is an opportunity for me to refine my style and start experimenting with new techniques.

You can keep up to date with Caoimhe’s art on Instagram and Facebook


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