Local Music : Dead Star Heroes

Dead Star Heroes are an up and coming hard rock band formed late last year in Craigavon, County Armagh. They describe their music as “no-nonsense, authentic hard rock”.  Here is what their Guitarist Declan McDaid had to say to The Jumble about the band music and the COVID-19 Lock down 

As a band, we are heavily inspired from the music that we love to listen to, and draw from a large range of influences : Avenged Sevenfold and Alter Bridge are major inspirations. Mark Tremonti is the guitarist for Alter Bridge, and he is definitely my biggest inspiration as a song writer. Everyone in the band has played in various projects, allowing us to draw from them all to come up with something unique. Lyrically we like to touch on topics that people can relate to such as alcohol abuse or trying to find yourself after a dark period in your life.

 Personally, my favourite piece of music we have is the track ‘My Only Friend’. I think it showcases every aspect of the band. The track has the big chorus that we love, and it is driven forward by the guitar riffs throughout the verses. It features 2 guitar solos which is pretty unusual for a lot of contemporary bands . The song follows a classic rock song structure but we rely on the instrumentation and changes to the accompaniments to  keep it interesting for the listener and ourselves. It is definitely a big contender for our debut single. We’re hoping to have it available to listeners soon.

Currently we have an EP written and a few demos recorded. The goal is to hit the studio later this year and release the EP. Our debut gig was supposed to be earlier this month, but because of the COVID-19 lock down it was cancelled. It will be rescheduled as soon all this is over. This is an unfortunate time for everyone and I feel for other bands who have had momentum going in the local scene just to have it be taken away by something beyond their control. All we can do is use this time to write some new music and become better at what we do.

To get a sense of Dead Star Heroes sound and to keep up to date with their music, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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