Something Different, Hand Painted Phone Grips by Rae McCay Designs.

Rachel McCay is a Technology and Design graduate, a Scout Leader and, recently, a small business owner. Rachel uses her artistic background and creativity to hand paint and design wholesale bought phone grips in an array of unique and individual patterns. Rachel spoke to The Jumble Magazine about her business – Rae McCay Designs.

I’ve been really into art from a young age. I remember sitting at my nanny’s kitchen table colouring in for hours after our Sunday dinner. My claim to fame is when I won the West Belfast art competition in P1 and got a photoshoot for the Andytown news. I always loved art and went on to do Art at GCSE and A-level where my love grew even stronger. It was in my final year of A-level Art that I fell in love with using acrylic paint on canvas to recreate landscapes with my own flare. For my placement year in university I went back to school and worked as an art assistant. I absolutely loved this and really enjoyed seeing all the students’ creativity and giving them a hand where I could. Going back gave me the opportunity to get back into my love for art and I’ve been painting as much as I can ever since.

I’ve been using ‘pop grips’ on my phone for around 8 years now. All of the You Tubers I loved had them so of course I had to get one. I fell in love with them and managed to get quite a few people I know obsessed with them too. I find that they almost give an extra layer of protection. Phones are getting bigger and bigger and the grip allows you to comfortably hold your phone and takes away the stress of possibly dropping it. Unfortunately, over the years I feel like these kinds of phone grips have gotten more expensive and sometimes the quality isn’t as consistent. I found myself constantly scrolling through websites trying to find something I liked or something to match a phone case but usually failed to do so. This was my inspiration to mix my love for phone grips and art together. 

The creative process can be quite a stressful process because it is a small item that you’re working with. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I want each item to be the best it can be and will happily remake it a hundred times to make sure it’s perfect. Even with the stress I absolutely love making them and my favourite part is definitely the excitement of painting on the different designs and hoping that they’re as good as they are in my head.

My main goal at the minute is to do a few grips in the same style as my paintings, although I may need to invest in some more tiny brushes. I have really enjoyed doing the different animal print designs so far and can’t wait to do more of them. I have also done a few personalised grips to match phone cases which I’ve really enjoyed as it’s so aesthetically pleasing to see them together. I would also love to hear any suggestions from customers as I always love a new challenge.

You can check out more of Rachel’s products over on Instagram.


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