Artist Profile: Shannon Walsh

Shannon Walsh is a first year Ulster University student studying Photography with Video.  Shannon talked to The Jumble about photography and how it helped her feel more involved in the music scene and fall back ‘in love’ with Belfast.

Some of Shannon’s Music photography: Shots of Inhaler and American Guinea Pig playing in Belfast

How would you describe your photography?

I find it difficult to describe my photography in a concise way as I am interested in all genres, however the main genres I have been focusing on so far are documentary, music, and portrait photography. I love shooting gigs as music is something I have always loved but unfortunately it is not something I am good at. Being a music photographer makes me feel involved in the local music scene which is amazing. I started out as a photographer with documentary photography by walking the streets of Belfast City Centre and documenting the people and places I see, it’s taught me to be more attentive to my surroundings as well as falling back in love with my hometown after a few years of “teenage angst” and boredom making me hate it 

What inspires you to create? 

Two photographers who have inspired me to create are Vivian Maier and Nan Goldin. Maier was such a prolific photographer and her images are breath taking. Nan Goldin’s work has such an important and diaristic feel to it which as a sentimentalist is something that really attracted me to photography, the images you leave behind basically immortalise you, they are your memories. 

“I want my work to mean something to people, to document something important. Photography gives me a purpose in life and that is what inspires me to keep creating.”  

What makes your photography personal?

I’m not sure if I have a trademark style or aesthetic within my images but I use a range of mediums when photographing-I shoot DSLR as well as on film and polaroid. I see many advantages to each of these mediums so if I am ever on a shoot I can guarantee I will be carrying at least 3 cameras when out shooting! 

My work is personal to me because it is from my own perspective , when I am on the busy streets of town I am enticed to capture certain interactions that catch my eye. 

Street photography by Shannon

How has lock down impacted your ability to create?

Lock down has halted all photo shoots I had planned, to stay sane I have been taking photos on my daily walks but that hasn’t really fulfilled me in a creative way, the images are purely aesthetic and I don’t get the same rush of excitement as I do shooting my usual stuff. Although I am considering delving into the worlds of self-portraiture or  still life photography.

You can check out more of Shannon’s work on Facebook and Instagram


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