Local Music : Second Nature

Second Nature are a three piece girl band made up of Tammy Corbett, Cathy O’Kane and Rwanda Shaw. In 2018, they made a come back after a two year break and released their debut single, ‘Got To Miss Me’. The girls from Second Nature told The Jumble Magazine all about their music, their inspirations, and the impact that the lock down has had on their band.

Our music is all about having fun, we would class it as Pop/Dance. Being a Pop act means we can be flexible with our sound while still keeping true to ourselves and the messages we try to get across in our music.

So many things come as an inspiration to us musically, we get very inspired by production. When we hear the music first and get to know the back beat, sometimes lyrics can bounce into our heads. Other times we have a topic in mind that we want to write about. Our songs are mostly dealing with themes of love and heartbreak so far but we always try to convey the underlying message of self love and acceptance.

We’ve always wanted to write songs similar to what we grew up listening to. ‘Got To Miss Me’ always gets an amazing audience reaction when we play it live, we feel like it’s a perfect introduction to Second Nature as a band, it’s very upbeat and gets the crowd going. On the other side of the scale, Billy’s Song is more heartfelt and slow, it’s very personal, it is a song about grief and loss which almost everyone can relate to, we genuinely love all of the songs we make – it’s hard to choose just one favourite.

The lock down has had a huge impact on us as a girl band. We can no longer meet up and practice face to face, it’s hard because we are so used to being with each other for at least four days a week. We’re still keeping in touch every day in our group chat. It’s important to keep each other positive and plan ahead for when this is all over. We have some really exciting things planned that we can’t talk about just yet but you can keep up to date on our social media, we will be posting all about it there in time.

The whole world is going through a difficult time right now, if you’re feeling down, remember you aren’t alone.

You can keep up to date with Second Nature on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter
You can also listen to their music on Spotify , YouTube and Soundcloud


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