Short Film: Perpetual Limbo

Awarded the 2021 Greer Garson Film Award for best use of Creativity in Film in association with Ulster University. ‘Perpetual Limbo’ is a short independent film that was co-created by Emily Osborne, an Ulster University final year Graphic Design student and Dillon Osborne, a freelance creative based in Northern Ireland. Emily Osborne spoke to The Jumble magazine about the film, discussing that she and Dillon wanted to achieve in its short but packing timeframe.  

2020 felt pointless and repetitive. Sort of without purpose. Whilst the world seemed to be burning around us, we stayed inside and tried to continue as if normal. 

When you think of the Final Year of University for a Creative Degree. You imagine that last year should be filled with friends, classmates, exams, collaborative projects, experimentation, workshops, hands-on experience, and of course the typical general student lifestyle.

Hard Work and one last blowout before you take on the real world. Now consider that final year taking place in 2020-2021.

PERPETUAL: (adjective: Never ending or changing.)

LIMBO: (noun – an uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no progress or improvement)

I wanted to try and review the emotions surrounding online learning and isolation and after confiding with my brother on how difficult I was finding it – it was weirdly relieving to hear even he – an established creative in his industry – was feeling the same sort of way. He had been keen to make a short film and this seemed like the perfect purpose. It was great to work and learn alongside and him on this project, watching as he used his passion for videography to help us turn a feeling/idea into this short film.

The film has been met with outstanding support and resonated with many. It has been humbling hearing other students’ and professionals’ experiences alike. The feedback from this sparked a new determination within me to further document this learning experience of 2020-2021 and was ultimately what led to my final university project ‘Students of Lockdown’.

Watch ‘Perpetual Limbo’ Below.

Follow Emily Osborne and Dillon Osborne to keep up with future projects.


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