Track Review: Nylophone- ‘Life Goes On’

Wicklow native Niall Woods aka Nylophone strips back from his usual synth layered sound to produce the bare all finger picked acoustic track ‘Life Goes On’. Inspired by names like Doves, The Shins, and Atlas Sound, this track opens up about the experience of loss, the sense of hopelessness that we face at the beginning of the grievance process, and the bewilderment as our natural ability to keep on keepin’ on takes over. 

“Sometimes, after a loss, it seems as if the world should stop. It can be unimaginable that life could possibly continue as it used to, but somehow it does, and often takes you by surprise. Perhaps it’s because you run on automatic, or perhaps it’s because the sheer weight of routine and tradition somehow trudges onwards with no regards to your personal expectations. In short, life goes on, and that’s exactly what this song is about.” 


Nylophone is no stranger to writing about the subject of grief, with previous tracks like ‘Grandad’s Grave’ discussing loss from the point of view of a son watching his mother grieve. ‘Life Goes On’, however, takes a more adult approach to the situation, picking up on the universal nature of loss, as Nylophone sings into himself while simultaneously singing outwards to the world of people who know this feeling too.

‘No-one will understand how to move on and they’ll think they cant, but they’re wrong, life goes on’ 

‘Life Goes On’ is a track that knows your experience of grief, it emphasises with your ‘what ifs’ and comforts you with its simple message of resilience, a fantastic lyrical feat from Nylophone and a beautiful sounding track.

Listen to ‘Life Goes On’ here.

Track Review by Sam Dineen


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