Poetry (but not as you know it): Piotrowski & Meehan.

Skin of an Orange.

Niamh Seana Meehan and Michal Kamil Piotrowski are a visual artist and poet duo that crosses the Irish sea. Niamh is based here in NI, whilst Michal is living and working in London. Together, the two of them work to create unique visual poetry online, often creating pieces that are interactive. 

Michał Kamil Piotrowski writes experimental, visual, and technology-powered poetry. He enjoys making poetry interactive and mostly works with found text. The themes he explores the most are  technology, politics, love, and mental illnesses. His interactive book The Cursory Remix has  been co-written by Google Translate and is available to read on issuu.com with a print version forthcoming from Contraband Books. 

Niamh Seana Meehan works in-between visual art, performance, audio and written matter based on the slippages involved within the translation of thought to text. Her practice investigates the un-knowability of language, its  messiness and how it has the potential to become visual, performative and movable.  Research themes include emptiness, silence, ambiguity and doubt.  

Drawing a BLANK

The duo met last year through an online event/discussion with artBLAB, a platform for online art lectures that Michal runs with curator and art historian Marta Grabowska. Piotrowski & Meehan are currently working on creating workshops based on their collaboration with the intention of delivering the workshops to schools, as a means of encouraging young people to try out experimental poetry and the translation of text to the performative. The duo meet online weekly and set experimental based tasks, they are very much looking forward to being able to meet in person when it is safe to do so.

Sleep Breath

Check out more of Piotrowski & Meehan’s work by viewing their portfolio.

Read ‘The Cursory Remix’ here.

Find out more about artBLAB on their website.


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