New Music: Interview with Conor Scott

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Belfast singer-songwriter Conor Scott is making his return to the music scene after a three year break, having recently returned to Belfast after a while spent living in London. Conor chatted to The Jumble Magazine about his starting point as a Busker, being a contestant on TV’s ‘The Voice’ a few years back, getting through lock down, and his great new track ‘Life Now’.

So Conor, can you introduce yourself?

How’s it going. I’m Conor, 26 and from North Belfast.

You started busking around Belfast about ten years ago, a bustling city with buskers and entertainment round every corner is something a lot of us are really missing over the past year. What was your favourite thing about that period of your musical life?

I loved that it was my job! Being 16/17 and not having to work a part-time job in a shop or picking up glasses in a bar, and only having to go in maybe twice a week to make decent money made it an easy choice. Plus Belfast is such a spot. You would see something different every day.

After appearing on The Voice in 2013, you became a pretty recognisable face! How did this experience shape your career?

I wouldn’t say that it has shaped my career, but there’s definitely a lot of life lessons and experiences that I took away from the show. More than anything it made me realise that the only person that can really help pursue a career in music is myself.

You’ve recently moved back to Belfast after living in London for a few years. What’s your favourite thing about the local creative/musical scene here?

There’s a real sense of comradery and community in Belfast. Everybody shows support for each other. You don’t see that in many places, I don’t think. The level of talent here is crazy too. The scene here reflects the people too, it’s deadly. 

Can you tell us about the new track? What was the creative process like?

Sure. ‘Life Now‘ was written back in May, during the first lock down. There was a lot happening in the world, mainly being painted with a pessimistic brush. I was trying to be as creative or proactive as possible with my music, but nothing was really hitting home. It wasn’t until I recorded the main guitar riff for the song, which I put up on Instagram at the time along with the mindlessly written caption “new song, idk, is this life now?”. When I read back the caption that triggered me into the creative flow I was looking for. I guess the track looks out at the world for what it is, its a reflection of how I was feeling and an attempt to take away some positive affirmations in the end. It took a while getting it recorded in the studio but I have a great producer, Daniel Morgan Ball, who was on point and we pretty much did all of it together in his space. We were in a bubble too which made it handy enough!

Have you got any online events coming up?

Nothing that I can confirm or announce just yet! But keep your eyes and ears to the ground. 

What’s one thing you are really looking forward to?

Two things. Gigs and Pints!

You can listen to ‘Life Now’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist by clicking here.

Follow Conor Scott on Instagram and Spotify to keep up to date with his music and what he’s up to.

Interview questions by Sam Dineen


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