Bangor Artist Caitie Smyth

Caitie Smyth is an illustrator from Bangor who is now based in London. Caitie recently graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Architecture and I has spent the last year in lock down developing illustrations, and opening her own Etsy shop. Caitie spoke to The Jumble about her artwork and what keeps her inspired.

My art has developed over the years from what began as watercolour and hand drawings into digital illustrations. Architecture school has had a huge impact on the way I design and now working digitally is second nature to me. My style is bright and vibrant, with a focus on femininity and nature, and how the two interact with each other. My colour palettes are inspired by both botanicals and places that I have visited around the world. Travelling is massively important to my process, and even if my art is not directly related to my trips, it serves as a creative stepping stone.

My art is directly related back to my experiences and curiosities at the time of making it, so it always stays personal to me. As I change, so does my art, and it has gone through many cycles. I think developing a style is one of the most difficult parts of working as a creative, but allowing yourself the freedom to grow and evolve is something we should take pride in.

Lock down has really allowed me to pursue my passions, after three years in architecture school and realising I wanted to focus on illustration, it really gave me the time to get back to my roots and start making again.

“I think it’s so important to have a support system, and the local creative industry really does that. It’s incredibly inspiring to see so many people pushing the boundaries at such a difficult time.”

Despite everything that has happened over the last year, it is very comforting to know that art keeps going and we keep making.

You can find Caitie’s work on Instagram, and buy her prints on Etsy.


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