Fresh Music: SKANGER

Dublin based duo SKANGER have recently released ‘A Chance To Count The Cost’ a track designed to be  homage to the slow sets of 80’s club culture. SKANGER are made up of Mark Healy and Colin Morris, with this track featuring vocals by Jenna Harris. Mark Healy had a few words to say to The Jumble Magazine about their latest release. 

Hi Mark, let’s start with an introduction- tell me about yourself. 

I’m Mark Healy and I’m one half of a music Duo Skanger.  Colin Morris is my partner in it. 

 What’s the story of SKANGER? 

Skanger started after myself and Colin decided after  studying Music in College to get together and see what we  could come up with. It is also my first time to sing my own  songs and not write for another singer which I have done in  the past. 

Since releasing your first single in June, how have you found working as a duo throughout the pandemic? 

It has been a new experience as we can’t really get together in a room and throw  ideas around. But I think that has added to the vibe of the music and I must admit I like it but I would rather be in a room and actually playing. 

A Chance to Count the Cost’ is an ambient, slow dance, sleepy ballad, what  or who was the main inspiration for this track? 

I suppose that’s a question that should be left a little vague as I’d like to think  that the listener can gather their own interpretation of it.  Although doing a slow ballad type song was a challenge to try keep the  cheese element down to a minimum. 

Musically your sound channels elements of New Order, or Gorrilaz- who  would you list as your musical influences? 

Myself and Colin would be indie  kids I suppose, and would have a lot of those bands in common- we love stuff like New OrderPrefab Sprout, the wholeScottish Scene in the 80’s etc.

Let’s chat a little about the video, how was it creating that kind of DIY thing in the current climate?

 We made the video on a phone and Colin took the lead  on it as I’m not great at Video editing software. He did a great job considering we didn’t have a lot to go with. I think that the constraints of being a DIY artist actually give a certain vibe to things that people can identify with and maybe  realise that anybody can do it if they choose.

Are there any local artists you can’t get enough of recently? 

Odd Morris are good and the 2019 Album by A Lazrus Soul is incredible. There is loads of  great music out there at the moment especially Irish artists. 

Lastly, what’s SKANGER’S plans for 2021?

Our plans are simple, we will keep  putting out songs until we eventually get a way to perform them live when the  pandemic has been eradicated etc. 

Keep up to date with SKANGER on Instagram and Facebook.

Interview by Sam Dineen


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