Faces in the Street

By Eileanor Crilly

Faces in the street 
Of people you never meet,
All below the darkened sky
Of early grey november.
A flash of flaxen hair,
A whip of rainbow scarf,
A glint of golden necklace,
As the horde passes by,
Busy going somewhere;
School, shopping, work, home.
Power walking their way through life,
A thousand silent destinations
Held firmly in their minds.
The human eye looks for familiarity,
Scans the crowd for a kind smile,
A pretty mane,
A furrowed brow, 
In each visage that trespasses its field of vision.
What is it looking for,
A new friend, lover or foe?
Or is it just looking,
Like it always does
At the faces in the street
Of people you never meet.

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