Making Fridays Good Again- Ceasefire Babies.

Ceasefire Babies’ is a lighthearted weekly podcast discussing the highs and lows of coming of age in Northern Ireland. Brought to you by two queer, liberal best friends, housemates, and colleges Rebecca McCloskey and Matt Fox. The podcast reminisces on all things late 90s and Noughties, as millennial’s or ‘Ceasefire Babies’- part of the first generation to be exposed to the internet and become more Americanised in a cultural point of view, juxtaposed against growing up in the shadows of the troubles- this podcast is perfect for anyone who was a 80’s or 90’s baby in NI and wants a trip down memory lane. Rebecca and Matt spoke to The Jumble all about the podcast:

Rebecca and Matt

So you’re reminiscing on the late 90s- mid 00’s period, a time a lot of Jumble readers remember, what’s something you think makes that period in this place so unique?

Probably the whole notion of being promised a new era – every generation seems to think they’re on the cusp of massive change or revolution, but we actually witnessed the tailend of The Troubles, Omagh, and Bill Clinton visiting. The peace process was very much a part of our upbringing, we experienced integrated education and got to witness real change within Northern Ireland. On a global level, we became the first generation to benefit from the Internet and really immerse ourselves in pop culture with music and film – the start of reality tv and being famous for no real reason.

What’s your favourite topic you have discussed together so far?

Episode 3, Music! Anyone that’s partied with us will know that we still love that late 90s/Noughties sound – anything Darkchild produced is usually a winner. 

What’s the funniest element of 90s-00s NI culture/pop culture you can remember?

It’s a tie between Nadine Coyle completely bullshitting about her passport on RTE’s version of Popstars, and that ‘documentary’ that an American tourist filmed in a Belfast graveyard that gave us the famous line “yiz love your McDonald’s don’t yiz”

What topics are you excited to discuss?

We’re excited to talk about film, hopefully with a watch-along episode, school, we’ll definitely be returning to fashion and music. We’re hoping to arrange a few interviews and get more people involved with the podcast, and we’re definitely trying to tackle some of the bigger political topics but keeping it funny and relatable.

The podcast, which promises to ‘Make Fridays Good Again’ is available on Spotify, iTunes, ANCHOR.FM, and Google Podcasts.


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