Keep Trying- Lauren Bird

Artwork by Courtney Cheshire

Accomplished singer songwriter Lauren Bird has just released her new single ‘Keep Trying’- a relatable track all about reflecting on insecurities we all face and how society pushes them on us. Lauren spoke to The Jumble magazine about the track,the writing process gigging all over the world, and her plans for the future. 

So, Lauren, tell The Jumble about yourself. 

So I started gigging around Belfast in 2014 (yep, literally getting old) and won the Chordblossom Kickstart competition which afforded me to record and release a single. I released a single and an EP back in 2015, the EP got to the top of the bestselling acoustic chart on Bandcamp which sadly I still brag about! I have played gigs all about the place: Dublin, Belfast, London, Manchester, Singapore… but mainly I stick around NI. I started an indiegogo to fund my debut album which got 105% funding and I released my debut album ‘The Inbetween’ in 2017. I released another single back at the start of 2018 for International Women’s Day and then took a break from releasing. I wanted to give myself time to write music that I could be proud of and so I released my latest single at the start of December 2020 called ‘Millennials’ and then ‘Keep Trying’ was released on 22nd January. So it kind of took a pandemic. 

What inspired you to start the writing process? Was there a specific event or feeling that pushed you to write this song?

My writing process usually entails me messing around on the guitar to see if something pops out. I had been thinking a lot about societal pressures and norms and how frustrating I found them. I also thought a lot about how much worse it is now for kids growing up in the age of social media. ‘Keep Trying’ is about being insecure and how society makes it impossible not to be. It’s hard for everyone but I really thought about being a teenager again and how uncomfortable I was in my own skin. So it’s basically about that.

How was the recording process? Is it hindered by the stay at home guidelines at the minute? 

This time round I recorded with one of my best friends Darren Doherty in his apartment. We had rented a decent mic and recorded all the guitars and vocals at the end of 2019 so thankfully all the hard work was done before the pandemic. Obviously after the pandemic began we had to take a break and then when things calmed down a little over the summer I was able to go back to his and record the bass. My other friend Michael Kielty recorded the drums remotely from his house and then we did all our mixing sessions on Zoom. I think the only real issue caused by the pandemic was that we would have liked to have had more freedom to record more bits and I would have liked to have redone some of the vocals (because I will never let something go) but in a way it was nice to have a limit on it. Also, I would have liked to have hugged Darren when we finally finished but maybe I’ll be able to in 2022? The track was mastered by another friend, Peter Doherty. It was truly a Strabane effort all around!

How do you feel about the track now that it’s done? 

I’m really proud of it. Considering all the hurdles we had to jump over to finish it I think we did the best job we could. It’s also lyrically very close to my heart and I hope people can relate.

What do you have coming up in the future? 

There will be more releases but apart from that, just holding out until we can go back to gigging. I would love to do a proper release show or two when it’s safe to do so.


‘Keep Trying’ holds nothing back, it’s honesty and it’s message is truly (as Lauren says) “For anyone who still struggles to look in the mirror’’.  Lauren Bird’s gentle vocals shine through and give the song a comforting feel, this is a song that knows how you’re feeling- a welcome reminder that you’re not the only one who feels this way, and a true encouragement to Keep Trying. Lauren Bird is perfect for fans of Laura Marling, Dodie, and Lucy Rose.

Listen to Lauren Bird’s music on Spotify, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check out ‘Keep Trying’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist by clicking here.

Review and questions by Sam Dineen

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