The Rule of Three- Quinncidental

Belfast based rap artist John Quinn AKA Quinncidental releases his debut EP ‘The Rule of Three’ tomorrow. Having gained traction through 2020 with the singles ‘Mr.Nice’ and ‘Quinncidental’ he has made his blend of lofi, hip-hop, and rap known to the local music scene and beyond- Quinncidental chatted to The Jumble Magazine about the new EP and the musical inspiration behind it.

Wanting to be like an artist who is already at the top is against my main frame of creating and making music, I want to be something different.

“I prefer leaning towards what feels right and what relates the most to me and my own ability to relay events that have made an impact on my personal and creative lifestyle.”

I draw musical inspiration from Anderson Paak, Lana Del Ray, Mac Miller, Gorillaz, and Tame Impala to name a few. I wanted to convey the same emotional connection with my audience as they do, so I decided to use the past, present & future vessels for my debut E.P to conjure chronological events that parallel my writing and creative development, along with displaying events that both the artist and audience can relate to.

Drawing a line of similarity with Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ I wanted to confront 3 main periods of time with a positive twist, mainly focusing on figuring out what to do next when confronted with life’s long and ever changing issues.

You can check out ‘Mr Nice’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist.

Follow Quinncidental on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


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