Exploring Collage with Louise McComiskey.

Louise McComiskey is a 22 year old graphic designer based in Belfast. Louise is currently studying final year Graphic Design and Illustration in Ulster University whilst fully employed as a Digital design Executive for an investment management company. Louise spoke to The Jumble all about her art, working in the medium of collage and the creative scene.

I would say my personal art style would be quirky, everything has to be a little weird and sometimes even a bit disturbing for me to be happy with it.

A lot of my inspiration comes from my daydreams and emotions, it’s safe to say my mind is a unique place so a lot of my collage creations come from there. I love to put a personality on all objects whether they are living or inanimate so most of my work includes features that would make the mundane a lot more interesting.

Apart from my style being personal to myself, I would say the memory or experience I have attached to each piece is what really makes them different. Don’t get me wrong, some pieces are complete happy accidents- but the majority of my work is a reflection of how I felt at the time. Looking through my work for myself is like reading my diary.

I’m lucky to say that over the past 10 months I have actually benefited from working from home and studying uni remotely. My mind goes at a million miles an hour, so I have found some peace and clarity from the silence in my home. My ideas are clear and focused and I have less reasons to procrastinate because there’s nothing else to do, although I have found a drop in my inspiration as I haven’t been around interesting environments.

I love the unity of the local art scene, I have only recently discovered this through Instagram, going from a very competitive feel in university I thought that was how everyone had to be- but the amount of encouragement and support from local artists online has really made me fall in love with my own community again.

You can check out more of Louise’s work on Instagram and her Website.


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