Gnarkats: ‘The Dreamer’

Photograph by Niall Fegan

Previously featured Belfast based Alt-Rock Trio Gnarkats have just released their new EP ‘The Dreamer’ Louis Nelson (Bass/Vocals) spoke to The Jumble Magazine about the EP, the recording process, and the message of the music.

‘The Dreamer’ is a five track EP we recorded with The Answer’s Paul Mahon at Point Studios, Killough. We had an absolute ball recording these songs and we are very happy to finally release it.

Me and Stuart wrote the lyrics, and I think the commonality we had throughout the EP is dealing with the feelings of insecurity and change. That’s why we referenced dreams a lot, dreams can be like an idealised version of what you want your life to be, which can be both a healthy and unhealthy thing. During the writing process there a lot was going on in our lives, a problem I had personally was wanting my life to get better, but not knowing how to actually do that, which led to unhealthy habits and the awful feeling of being stuck.

Lyrically, this EP is our expression of a drastic change within our lives, and how we dealt with those problems. It was a form of catharsis to express ourselves musically, and it really felt weird being so honest, but I’ve come to realise that if I’m constantly hiding the meaning of a song within metaphor then I’m not really getting enough off my chest.

The EP is all about dealing with your emotions truthfully and not being scared to confront someone with a problem, whether this be in a relationship with a partner or even a work friend. I want the songs to give some solidarity to those who are feeling a bit lost, it’s a very normal feeling to have, which I’ve only come to realise. I guess the main message is to hang in there, and don’t waste time doing things you hate.

Photograph by Niall Fegan


‘The Dreamer’ is a well rounded and interesting EP, with every song sounding different than the last, but still running through consistent with the theme of change and overcoming insecurity. ‘How Does That Make You Feel‘ is a great track for fans of Muse and Biffy Clyro, whilst ‘Volume Up’ has a lighter, more summery indie rock sound. The guys from Gnarkats really shine through with this EP- both musically and lyrically, its something different and definitely worth checking out.

Review by Sam Dineen

Check out Gnarkats music on Spotify, and listen to ‘Volume Up’  and ‘How Does That Make You Feel‘ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist here.

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