City Song- Conn Thornton

Previously featured Musician Conn Thornton follows up their Debut EP ‘Abraham’s Daughter’ with a single from the upcoming album  ‘Destroyer’. The single- ‘City Song’. Sees Thornton explore new musical directions, going down an ambient Indie Folk route. Conn Thornton spoke to The Jumble about the new track. 

.I wrote this song one night in July with a lot of things in mind – my time living independently in Belfast, my experiences with other people, and a kind of plea to be left alone during a time when I had nobody around me but myself. The music and lyrics were very heavily inspired by the work of Sufjan Stevens, specifically some of the stuff on his ‘Carrie & Lowell’ album- which I love a lot and have always found to be a standout in my personal music history. I would call ‘City Song’ a sort of fusion between dream pop and folk, and that was the direction I went with on its parent album. The cover art was inspired by a handmade Christmas card I had received – I thought the design was absolutely beautiful and the sketch of the blooming flowers really fit the dreamy vibe of the song, so I decided to put my own spin on it.  ‘Destroyer’ will be released in early to mid February.


‘City Song’  tells a story- the words carry a sting, layered between bursts of beautiful dreamy piano. This song is perfect for carrying you through the post Christmas blues and forcing you to follow Thornton’s lyrics and reflect on your own life- ‘And you know yourself, these times are very strange’. Take a few minutes to savour this track- a great song for that late Winter playlist.

Review by Sam Dineen

You can listen to ‘City Song’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist.

You can follow Conn on Instagram and Facebook, and listen to their music on BandcampSoundcloud and Spotify.


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