Editor’s Letter: Thank You.

Sam from The Jumble

The coveted end of 2020 is in sight.

I’m not going to sit and chat about what an odd year it has been, one that has been so difficult for so many people. As we come close to the holiday’s and the New Year, one thing, for me, is clear. You are all incredible. The Jumble started out in March right before things pandemic wise really hit hard, and it had been a wee idea sitting in my brain for so long, I knew so many talented creative people and it was a dream of mine to provide them with a platform to share their talent with the world. For a one woman project, this wee magazine has come pretty far in nine months! As I type this, there’s just short of 1000 of you following The Jumble’s Instagram page, and the site itself has been viewed 17.5 THOUSAND times by 9.5 thousand people! That isn’t bad going for a year with next to nothing happening in person…

I couldn’t be happier with how this has turned out, The Jumble has (virtually) introduced me to so many amazing people, bands, artists, and hard working folks dedicated to making this wee corner of the world a better place to be, it wouldn’t be possible without the contributions and submissions, the collaborations, the amazing small businesses, or the readers. Next year I hope for live acts, gigs, exhibitions, screenings, and in person interviews to look forward to, and I look forward to seeing the NI/Irish creative scene blossom again, but it’s all about taking every day as it comes.

Submissions for 2021 are open for all categories, check out the submissions page for more information.

Thank you so much to my family, friends, and partner for keeping me going with endless support when things got a bit stressful, I truly could not be happier with how this wee magazine has come along.

Email thejumblemagazine@gmail.com for any inquiries- I’m so so excited to get back to this in the new year.

For now, Happy Christmas, stay safe, and look ahead to what the New Year brings.

Sam from The Jumble.


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