New Music: Cameron Gibson

Photo credits to JJD Studio

Belfast based singer songwriter Cameron Gibson chatted to The Jumble Magazine about his new music, his biggest inspirations as a songwriter, and getting through 2020 as a musician.

I’m Cameron Gibson – I’m a solo alternative rock/indie pop artist, and I’ve been playing and writing music since I was 14. I like to think of my music as a journey, it taught me a lot about awareness and brought me to a place of healing.

I think with all musicians the biggest inspirations come from emotion, and it’s definitely the same with me. Whether it’s anger, hurt, love, or grief. It’s the emotion behind a song that helps the words flow. Even if you’re writing music about an entirely fictional scenario, a great deal of empathy is required to convey things in a more believable way.  

If you haven’t heard any of my stuff before you could check out my Debut single ‘Down We Fall’ on Spotify. I’m especially happy with a song I’ve written called ‘Chimera’, it’s actually going to be the next single I release. I did a version of it on Facebook live, but the recorded version is something I’m really proud of, it’s definitely my best work yet! 

Currently I’m working to promote ‘Down We Fall’ as much as possible. I will be releasing another single, along with a video towards the end of December or early January. All the deets will be available on my instagram or facebook page. 

As for the past year- It’s definitely been a challenge to adapt, but it’s forced me to pull my finger out and kick start my career by writing, practising and networking more. I think it’s the perfect time to share new music and start promoting yourself as an artist. You know, give people something to dance to or rock out to while they’re stuck at home scrolling through social media. 

Photo Credit to Megan Gibson

Of course I miss the gigging, all musicians in Belfast miss it… It’s just not the same doing a live stream, you feel disconnected and you don’t get the same thrill. I was scheduled to do an open mic night shortly before the lock down and I was devastated to hear it had to be cancelled for the foreseeable. 

But it’s important to remain optimistic, get creative, learn more instruments, write more and better material, so when this is all over, you can have a better experience and more to offer the world.

You can keep up to date with Cameron’s music on Instagram and Facebook, and listen to ‘Down We Fall’ on Spotify.


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