New Music: ‘Merry Queersmas’ in support of Outhouse Dublin.

‘Merry Queermas’ is the Christmas collaboration of anti-pop musician F.R.U.I.T.Y. & feminist punk Ciara Kong (Ciara King of Problem Patterns). An unlikely musical duo coming together in the name of queer festive cheer. Dan and Ciara had been looking for queer Christmas music to listen to during the holidays and realised there was a distinct lack of it. So, they did what any queer musicians with an abundance of time would do… They made a queer Christmas song! Daniel O’ Rawe AKA F.R.U.I.T.Y spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about the new single and how its proceeds will go to LGBTQ+ community resource centre Outhouse Dublin.

They quickly decided it was time to birth ‘Merry Queersmas’. The song addresses feelings of anxiety or sickness during the Christmas period in the verses and the need to overcome those feelings in the chorus. Recording, mixing, and mastering the track in their attic at home. The project was just a bit of fun between two pals, so they have decided to donate the proceeds into their community via Outhouse Dublin. 

Outhouse is an LGBTQ+ Community Resource Centre in Dublin, a safe space for Irish queer folk to gain resources and live their truth. Safe spaces are particularly important to the community during the holidays as not everyone has a warm, supportive place to go for Christmas and it can be quite a triggering or traumatic period. We wanted to do whatever we could to lend a hand to the community this festive season.

Photos courtesy of Daniel O’Rawe and Ciara King

You can buy the track on bandcamp by clicking here. The track costs £1.

Buy the track on bandcamp to enter the prize draw for an amazing pair of earrings made by  @quearringsbydyvr.
Just screenshot your receipt and send to @2.f.r.u.i.t.y, or @ciarakong.
(Prize Draw ends evening of the 20th of December 2020)

You can find out more about Outhouse Dublin by checking out their website.

The Jumble Magazine does not receive a cut of any of these donations/ bought tracks. This article is to spread awareness only.


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