Music Review: Kalla- Feel That Way

Belfast based artist Kalla is back with his second single ‘Feel That Way’- a burst of summery sounding nostalgia to give us a much needed boost in what has been a particularly challenging start to winter. Sounding ever so smooth and refreshing, Kalla combines a lyrical study of uneasiness and feeling uninspired with funk infused music that, to put it simply- makes you want to go and get things done. A must add to your next uplifting playlist.

Speaking about the track, Kalla says:

“Something that is ingrained within my music is the theme of positivity and hope. I’m really hoping I can spread that message with this song. I actually wrote this song on a day I was really getting it tough, I just couldn’t get up out of bed for the life of me. The song was written almost as a reaction, it was written in the mindset of getting out of the slump I was in. Amazingly, it worked, my day got better and it was up from there! If I can share that feeling with someone and maybe do that for them then I’ll be happy!”

You can listen to ‘Feel That Way’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music playlist.

Keep up with Kalla by checking out his Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

Review by Sam Dineen


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