Top Drawer Romance- Catching up with Somebody’s Child

Since Introducing themselves to The Jumble Magazine in July 2020, ‘Somebody’s Child’ have found success in their Debut EP ‘20-Something EP’- the band have had extensive radio play haver been featured on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday UK’ playlist, and over a whopping 90K listeners on Spotify. They have just released ‘Top Drawer Romance’, one of the earliest tracks and the first of four singles off the upcoming sophomore EP ‘Hope, Amongst Other Things’. Cian Godfrey from the band got in touch to say a few words about this new single. 

“I’ve written so many songs over the years, some stay with me, and some don’t. Top Drawer is one of those songs that’s stuck around since day one. I’m not quite sure why – I think it’s lyrically resonant and there is an obvious truth in it. 

It’s been an integral part of our live set and it was the song that birthed this project as a whole. It wasn’t written to be performed, it was just an extension of myself at the time. Since then, the song has developed a lot. It lives in this place I once was but I will never be able to recreate the state of mind I was in, and there is novelty in that. What I cherish is that even though I’m not going through those feelings right now, someone out there is.

The ‘Top Drawer’ metaphor draws comparison between the state of my college bedside table, and the relationship I was just out of at the time. I grew up quite a lot from that experience, and this song narrates that coming of age experience. Top Drawer, however, can also mean something good, and I like the juxtaposition between the two meanings of the phrase, because there was a time when that relationship was good, but it changed too quickly.”

You can listen to the song on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist.

 You can keep up to date with Somebody’s Child on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website. You can also listen to their music on Spotify.


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