Artist Profile: Leigh Lowry

Photo by Lauren Duddy

Leigh Lowry is a spray painter, gouache artist and pole dancer who is passionate about the universe and the creatures within it. Leigh spoke to The Jumble Magazine about her artistic process, some of her favourite Irish artists, and staying creative in 2020.

In my artistic process I am vibrantly determined to create cosmic landscapes, vast galaxies and animals of varying colour pallets from the multiverse.

Something thats focused and inspired me recently was a news article about multiverse theory and how there’s actual scientific backing for it. Meaning literally anything is possible. That inspires me to try and be the version of myself that does things like this. It’s far more fun than being the one that doesn’t.  

I didn’t study art but it has always featured as a part of my day. I didn’t want to be told what to make or for grades to affect how I felt about what I made. So I reached where I am artistically through help and encouragement from my friends and YouTube videos. Now I want to really see where I can go with what I’ve learnt outside of education.

During 2020 I feel like I’ve been luckier than others in the creative scene which I’m grateful for. Since I’m able to work from home I can go painting or drawing during lunch and now I don’t have to travel anymore. It’s given me time to get online and talk to other creatives. But it really makes me sad that most of my first proper pieces of contact for creative things aren’t going to be in person. I miss talking to new people in Belfast at events.

I just love to see all the class styles you can find in the local art scene . I remember seeing the art of @wee.nuls in the palm house and then outside the Sunflower on Union Street. Her alien ladies are extremely cool. Then there’s @achesdub who does such sharp stuff with mad colour effects also with spray paints.

But one big player in the art scene I love especially when I got to visit it in 2019 was Vault Artist Studios (@vaultartistsni) who have this great space near Conswater with a bunch of amazing artists. It’s really great to see what they’ve done to the place. They had an event this year too but unfortunately due to restrictions I couldn’t get a ticket. I can’t wait to see the place again when it’s possible.

You can check out more of Leigh’s work on Instagram.


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