Happy Halloween! Photos by Dáire Carson

Happy Halloween Jumble readers!

All week The Jumble Magazine has been building up the spooky atmosphere with poetry, short fiction, crafts, and artwork- and today it all finishes off with a showcase of previously featured filmmaker and photographer Dáire Carson’s Halloween themed prints.

Dáire told The Jumble about what he loves most about this time of year and what inspired this photoshoot…

“From the cold weather and big coats to the Halloween spirit, this is my favourite time of year… I carve about 7 pumpkins a year and make pumpkin pie! I’m a big horror fanatic too, I usually get a rota for the week leading up to Halloween of the different scary films I’m going to watch. I always wanted to do a Halloweeny photoshoot, the imagery of witches with their hats and brooms have always fascinated me. When I was younger, I used to dress up as the Wicked Witch of the West come Halloween! When it comes to ghosts, I love this vintage idea of them being floating sheets, it’s just such a striking figure compared to transparent Victorian girls!”

You can buy your own high quality copies of these prints by contacting Dáire on Instagram . A5 size prints are £5 and A4 size prints are £8, limited stock.

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