Autumnal Art with Jordain Molloy Gillen

Previously featured Belfast/Ballymena based artist and designer Jordain Molloy is back to showcase some nature inspired pieces of art that capture the elements of this time of year.

Fall, Print 1.

This is an A4 sized print made with natural materials and arcylics. Jordain’s favourite time of the year is the Autumn/Halloween season. To accompany his art he has explained why he loves this time of year so much…

“The warm glowing colours from the trees shedding their leaves that teach us to let go as a part of growing. The brisk autumn air under the glow of the sun. The cosy nights in and of course, the spooky season.”
Fall, Print 2.

“I have always loved Halloween as I’m a fan of anything spooky or weird. I’m also very spiritual, so I find a lot of comfort and calm during the Autumn season. I always find this time of year very inspiring and I’m very excited to create a lot of new work over the coming weeks.”
‘What a Fright’

A self Potarait by taken and edited by Jordain, wearing a bejewelled skull mask that he made.

You can check out more of Jordain’s work on Instagram, Facebook or at


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