Artist Profile: Níamh Busby

Níamh Busby is a banger based Queen’s University Graduate, Ulster Museum employee, and small business owner. Níamh runs NiamhyKnits- where she makes scrunchies and more recently, Halloween pumpkins. Níamh spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about her small business and creative inspirations. 

I like to think of my creations as little bursts of knitted joy!

One of the reasons why I started knitting in the first place was because of my Nanny who I have to admit is far superior in skill to me! It helped us stay connected during lock down and have a unique bond.

I think what makes it personal to me is that I always make things that I know I would wear or would own, so they always have elements of my own personal style involved within them. It’s also things that I know my friends would love such as the scrunchies.  

One of Níamh’s pumpkins and scrunchies alongside some earrings and a copy of Jim Carson’s ‘The Fire Starters’

The lock down was incredibly hard for me mentally. I was finishing up my degree and it looked as though there was no hope for jobs so I really turned to knitting as a way to get out of my head for a bit and just be creative. It gave me the time to really nurture and improve my skill.

In regards to the local art scene, Northern Ireland has so much talent! It’s great to see small arts/craft businesses cropping up more and getting the attention they deserve.

Check out Níamh’s work on Instagram, where you can place orders for scrunchies and pumpkins. Postage and Packaging is free for UK orders, and can be discussed at a reasonable price for orders elsewhere.


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