‘Going Nowhere’ Gary Duffy’s New Release.

Despite its title, this track is going places.

After making his mark on the music scene with the ballad ‘Did You Ever Really Love Me’, Belfast pop artist Gary Duffy is back with his electrifying second single ‘Going Nowhere’. Gary describes the track as a follow up to his first release, but this time the lyrical focus is a two way street; dealing with how he has been treated by men in the past, and how he has treated them too.

The more upbeat dance style of the track is a new direction for Gary Duffy, commenting on that musical change he says

“I always knew the second song was going to go hard…. I will 100% do more ballads in the future but it’s important to play around with different styles and sounds…. That’s the beauty of working on your own music, you can do what you want.” 

The track has found radio success with airplay across local stations such as Cool FM, Juice1038, and Blast106, and is sure to get you up on your feet, a much needed boost of energy combined with heartfelt honesty from Gary Duffy as we go into the darker winter months.

Listen to ‘Going Nowhere’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist, and be sure to follow Gary Duffy on Instagram and Facebook.


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