New Music: Mima Merrow

Photograph by Najma Abukar

Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mima Merrow is originally born in Northern Ireland but lives in Glasgow. After a bit of time spent playing in local bands in Glasgow she is finally going solo. Her debut single Freckles, which is an ethereal blend of whimsical music and spoken word has just been released. Mima Merrow spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about the new single, her upcoming EP, and using online resources to stay inspired throughout 2020.

I would describe my music as a  unique blend of alternative folk held together by intimacy, pain and stories to challenge my listeners… I make music mainly as a means to try to better understand myself and others, and to feel less overwhelmed by emotions, relationships, and the general state of the world (which feels like it’s burning) . I’m inspired by that which is ancient in our landscapes, elements and bodies. I’m hugely inspired by women – of all kinds… I am very fortunate to know so many truly inspiring women. 

My Good Grief EP comes out on the 4th of December this year, and it is my first solo project. Written, recorded, and produced by me in 2 months in my flat in Glasgow during the Covid 19 lockdown. I am very proud of it as it’s the first time I have done it alone.  I also loved working with Andy and Kris who mixed and mastered it. Freckles, my first single from the EP is out now, and it’s a good place for readers to start to get an idea of my music. 

It is really tough to see how the events of this year have affected the local music scene. From artists to venues, sound engineers to promoters.  It is a precarious world and yet so vital and it’s hard to see people not appreciate it or understand the love, attention and hard graft that goes into bringing music into our lives. However, I was very grateful to join an online Sunday Songwriting group where I was inspired to write all the tunes on this EP. It helped me develop my practise as a writer and producer.  It was an online group of fantastic writers and producers and we met (virtually) once a week to share songs we had written that week. It was a community of people who I hope will be in my life from this point forward and I am very grateful to Jigsaw Tiger – a fantastic Glasgow based artist – for inviting me to be a part of it. 

It felt lonely at times making this EP, I’m used to having others in the room with me and working with a recording engineer, but I am very lucky to have a bunch of amazing women in my life who helped talk through the process through our phones.

You can check out Mima Merrow’s Spotify, Facebook , Instagram, and Website.

You can also listen to Freckles on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist.


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