Artist Profile: Emma Hetherington

Photo by Jamie Gillespie

Emma Hetherington is a Graphic Design Student and Design Intern at Ulster University. Emma also works on freelance projects like logo design, posters, and branding. Emma chatted to The Jumble Magazine all about  developing her own style, finding inspiration for her artwork, and being a part of the Creatives Against COVID exhibition. 

I have always had a creative outlook on life, always pursuing to be inspired by great ideas. I dream big, and find most inspiration comes from lying in bed at night doodling or scrolling through social media…like most of us do. My work is fun- a spur of the moment kind of thing. I am constantly seeking new media to incorporate into my designs.

“Design has become a lifestyle for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The smallest daily objects or tasks could inspire me, or lead on to something bigger. 

I thrive off the inclusion of bringing multimedia art forms together- such as illustration, photography, animation and design. Through my years at university it was essential to find my own creative flair and style, and although my practice is still progressing, my work is very playful, bold and personal to me. I think the key to making your work personal is treating yourself as the client, design for you.

I currently have work exhibiting in the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, for the Creatives against COVID exhibition. Creatives against COVID has been a fantastic movement in creating funds for Women’s aid and the ISPCC childline throughout this vital time. It was a real privilege to be a part of the exhibition, which is based around the theme, ‘soon is now’ in the light that this time will pass. The exhibition captures an extraordinary moment in history, and will be reflected on for years to come. It was very humbling to see the vast amount of artists and designers that came together through this tough time. It was amazing to get the opportunity to go see it in person.

You can check out more of Emma’s work on Instagram.


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