A Follow Up with Fiona Harte

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Photograph by Kirsty Hal

Since our last conversation in May, ‘Auburn’ has been streamed over 53 thousand times, and Fiona’s single ‘White Picket Fence’ has garnered over 1 million listens on Spotify. Despite the staying at home nature of 2020, Fiona has been incredibly busy, and her new single ‘What is Loving Anymore’ has just been released. Her ‘Home Recordings’ EP is also out next week. Fiona is back to answer a few questions about her new release, a summer spent in lock down, and all that’s been going on with her over the past few months. 

So Fiona, tell us a bit about ‘What is Loving Anymore’ 

Hi Sam, thanks for having me! I wrote this song with Ryan O’Shaughnessy a few months back. We recorded a studio version which I love but I also wanted to put a home recording of the song on the EP. It was recorded in a bedroom, just 1 take and a few harmonies added in after.

“The song explores uncertainty around the meaning of love and questions whether it’s possible to find it again after experiencing it heartbreak.”

What Is Loving Anymore is one of the most honest songs I have ever written and my mother’s personal favourite so it had to make the cut! 

With everything going on and it all happening in 2020 fashion, how have you been getting on? 

It’s been very strange hasn’t it? I have been doing okay. I am really lucky that I have a big family and we all live very close so I have just been spending this time with them and getting to make music. I miss gigs and the normality of it all but I have been trying to make the best of the situation. 

The last time we spoke you had just released the music video for ‘Auburn’, are there any other cool videos planned for the future (hopefully post pandemic) world? 

Yes and I really loved that project! I have never actually done a real music video and it was in the calendar before the pandemic so I am hoping I can do one soon. It’s something I really enjoy, getting a concept together and a location and just being creative. So yes hopefully sooner rather than later Sam. 

Lastly- throughout the past few months, is there any music you’ve been absolutely loving, any Irish artists? 

Music I have been loving lately – there’s loads! Irish Artists I have been enjoying are Sun Collective, Dermot Kennedy, Senu, Aimee, Travi The Native. As for Non Irish artiststheres HAIM, Ruston Kelly, and Phoebe Bridgers.

You can listen to ‘What is Loving Anymore’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist, and stream Fiona Harte’s music on Spotify.

Interview by Sam Dineen

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