Artist Profile: Sorrel

Sorrel is a 20-year-old up and coming digital artist from Belfast who is new to the cities arts scene as a creator. Sorrel spoke to The Jumble Magazine about finding inspiration in history, using accessible tools to make art, and the opportunities to expand creativity during the 2020 lock down. 

 I would describe my art as… cheap and easy.

I have a lot of different influences, many that I would like to include more in feature works. I’m really into medieval art, and the symbolism behind it. They all look so strange but if you know what the symbols represent you get a better idea of what the art is meant to convey. As I have only been drawing seriously for the last month or so the work I have up on my Instagram doesn’t really showcase this influence, but I have lots planned! I’m also really into old acid house flyers from like the 90s, I try to use a limited palette when I’m drawing so I often look to them for colour inspiration. Also fun to listen to when drawing!

What makes my art personal is my love of colour and simple shapes. My philosophy is that I want you to understand what I have drawn at a glance. I also use my mouse and a free program to draw everything, at first because I didn’t have anything else, but also to show that you don’t need to invest in anything to create and have fun. 

I only started drawing seriously for the last month or so which I doubt I would have had the courage to do if it wasn’t for all the free time I had in lock down. I’m actually a history student at Queens so I always felt that the ship had sailed for art, but lock down has given me the space to create.

I really like the sense of community in the Belfast art scene.  I remember what it was like pre-2008 so pre-cuts to the arts, and I think it’s getting back to that place which is really great to see. When I was a kid there was always stuff going on in the art scene, so it’s great to see that again. 

You can find more of Sorrel’s work on Instagram.


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