Artist Profile: Jordain Molloy Gillen

The Love of The Sun and The Moon

Jordain Molloy Gillen is an artist and designer based between Belfast and Ballymena. Jordain is enjoys anything holistic, including crystals, oracle, astrology and nature. Jordain spoke to The Jumble Magazine about being a queer artist, storytelling through art, and the local creative scene. 

My work explorers the mystical, queer, pecuiliar, kooky and elaborate, creating a world full of wonder, dream, mystery and curiosity.  

I am primarily inspired by nature, astrology, mythology and storytelling, which is reflected heavily within my work. I like to create work which tells a story or reflects on a particular moment in time. When creating one of my main objectives is to offer a form of escapism from the real world.  

McQueen Creators, Autumn Menswear – Painting
This painting was done as part of the McQueen creators challenge on Instagram, illustrating one of the looks from the Autumn Menswear Collection.

Everything I create is special to me as it holds a concept, meaning or story which is personal or has inspired me as a person. A lot of my work features the sun, the moon and the stars as for me they hold meaning and dreamlike qualities that I want to share with others.

Being in lock down I’ve had time to really focus and explore my inner self. I’ve done little pieces of journaling here and there and have been really experimenting with my practice. I’ve created a lot of new work which I am very excited to share with the rest of the world. I have never been so inspired and grounded as I am now.

What I love about the local art scene is that most people are very supportive and encouraging. Everyone seems to know everyone else and we are continuing to grow everyday. Supporting one another is helping one another to grow and this is something which I think is very important. If we all support one another we will all bloom together. 

Midnight Blues – Collaboration with Megan Sanderson
This piece is part of a collection in collaboration with Megan Sanderson from Imprint Photography Ni. Headdress and Editing by me and Photography and Make Up by Megan Sanderson.

You can check out more of Jordains work on Instagram, Facebook or at


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