Empty Shots: Adapting Your Creativity in Lock Down.

Photo by Ryan Hamilton

By John Kelly

The pandemic made me realise quite early on that most of my paid ‘gigs’ and any other potentials such as concerts and weddings couldn’t happen . So I did what any creative person does, be creative! I rebranded my website, I went back to looking at urban and landscape photography,and I used the lock down as a way of not just rebranding my photography, but how I looked down the lens at myself . I adapted to what is now our new norm. 

I took the opportunity to cycle into the city, taking pictures of places during the time where it would normally be busy, such as the Grosvenor Road flyover on a Saturday morning and Cathedral Quarter during Saturday afternoon, as well as Ann Street (all pictured above). I was taking photos of these now desolate and quite frankly eerie places that are normally busting at the seams with life. I had taken a drive out to Gleno waterfall, and with lock down still in full swing I had the whole place to myself, it was quiet, peaceful, and exactly what I needed to work on long exposure skills. I was over the moon when I had a look at the photo (pictured below) and realised there was a common theme between this photo and the urban shots, I had all the time in the world, I got to let the creative juices flow free and work their magic.

This lock down has actually forced me to take a step back and made me look at what I want to do with a new perspective, as well as adding some much needed fuel on the creative fire inside me. I’ve realised that the pipeline ideas I had at the start of the year are now achievable and will come to fruition over the next few months.

I hope this can rekindle other creatives to think on a more positive note and see that sometimes being forced to look at something in a different light isn’t necessarily a bad thing, maybe that’s the photographer speaking in me though.

You can find more of John’s photography on Instagram, and on his website.


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