Local Music: Cloakroom Q

Photo by Carrie Davenport

Cloakroom Q are a Belfast based band that have been on the scene since late 2016. In the past four years they have built up a signature art-rock/ neo psychedelia sound, and they have just released their new single ‘Nowhere to Spit’. Cloakroom Q spoke to The Jumble Magazine about finding their sound, their upcoming debut album, and working through the lock down. 

We would describe our music as Instinctive, theatrical and occasionally tongue-in-cheek.

Each of us have our own unique inspirations when it comes to songwriting, but when we put them all together it’s this unspoken language; we improvise and bat ideas off one another for hours on end, and that keeps us going. Plus it’s just incredibly fun to make music with your close friends.

Our upcoming debut album is what we’re most proud of right now, we feel it represents us well as songwriters and are very excited for everyone else to hear it. Listeners should start out with our brand-new single ‘Nowhere To Spit’ to get into our music, it’s a hint towards new sonic directions for us than people have heard before (on earlier favourites such as ‘Leave Me At Lusk’ or ‘People With Energy’)

This is an exciting time for us, we’ve got a lot of announcements coming very soon. Our new single is kicking off a cycle of releases that will continue on for the rest of the year: a video for ‘Nowhere To Spit’ will be dropping on the 7th of August, followed by another single shortly after, all of course pointing towards our forthcoming debut album ‘Yes, Again’ (coming soon).

Photo by Carrie Davenport

We’re so glad to have been working with three fantastic filmmakers: Our own Conall Coulter/Ken Dubuc has outdone himself yet again with two raw, beautiful music videos; Eanna Mac Cana, who has created a series of truly spectacular visualisations of the album that we can’t wait to share. Also coming will be a spellbinding and harrowing video from James Morrison. Each of these guys have, in their own unique way, captured the soul of the music and have really helped the music on the album spread its wings.

During the lock down, there’ve been so many great live-streamed concerts to tide the gig goers and artists over, but it’s terrible that people whose livelihood comes from the live music industry have had to suffer. Like everyone else, we were all separated for months this year, but we’ve been doing anything we can at home: side-projects, home demos and sending each other files back and forth to make an unplugged version of a song for the NI Unplugged compilation back in May.  We’ve actually managed to become quite prolific being left to our own devices this long

Review of ‘Nowhere to Spit’

‘Nowhere To Spit’ starts off soothing and slow, but builds up to create a more tense feeling as the vocals come in. The track is cinematic and dramatic, but takes a surprising turn into something more uplifting about halfway through with bursts of horns bouncing off of sombre vocals. Fans of early Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, and Neutral Milk Hotel will enjoy this track and its offbeat sound.

You can keep up with Cloakroom Q on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

You can also listen to ‘Nowhere to Spit’ on The Jumble Magazine Local Music Playlist.

Review by Sam Dineen


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