Artist Profile: Rachel Browne

Photograph by Sharon Cosgrove Photography

Rachel Browne Is a designer and illustrator from Killyleagh, County Down. Rachel graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2019 with a specialism in printed textile design, and is currently working as a freelance creative doing everything from videography to illustration and mural painting. Rachel spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about running art workshops for kids, the recent lock down, and using art as a means to get through periods of anxiety.

I would describe my art as expressive and playful, depicting an outlandish perspective of the world through the eyes of my inner-child.

I’m Inspired by my experience running art workshops for kids, and discovering all the imagination that they harbour. For my graduate printed textile collection my aim was to create designs that encourage people to reconnect with their inner-child, I believe this is important for our well-being, especially in a corporate world where we’re often told to suppress that side of us. I’m inspired by the people I want to design for.

I love gender fluid fashion, funky prints and the creative, outspoken individuals who wear them.”

More recently my muse has been surfing and skateboarding culture, particularly female skateboarders and their whole aesthetic.

As a child I grew up in a creative household and was encouraged to draw and stretch my imagination. Now when I’m ever overwhelmed or anxious I try to escape from reality through my work and channel parts of my childhood self into my design. I find this enhances my well-being and is why my style has such a nostalgic feel to it. 

For me creating over lockdown has been my rescue remedy. The restrictions have motivated me to develop my more commercial style and build on my skills. I’ve been exploring digital illustration and I designed a range of lockdown themed postcards which I’ve been selling on my Etsy shop. 

Having been in Glasgow for the past four years I’m just getting to know the local art scene over here. It’s a small but vibrant community and I feel like it’s beginning to grow. I love how welcoming and friendly people are and keen to collaborate as well as share advice. You can check out more of Rachel’s work on Instagram or at


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