Artist Profile: Eithne McGuigan

Green Agate coaster set with copper leaf.

Eithne McGuigan is a 25 year old occupational therapist, artist, and small business owner based in Belfast. Eithine creates Oil, Acrylic, spray paint, and Resin Creations such as coasters, bookmarks, paintings, and nail art palettes. Eithne spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about the creative process and the local arts scene. 

The running theme in all of my pieces is colour and texture – my palette is definitely not refined & I LOVE that! I would say that my biggest inspiration is nature;  landscapes, sunsets, bright flowers, and  water – I try to capture all its glory in my pieces. 

My art is very personal to me, like many artists, my art is an extension of myself so I have only recently allowed the world to see my creations. The recent lock down has provided me with more time to create and with that extra bit of money not being spent on social activities I decided to try resin, which is a relatively new medium for me. During lock down I started creating functional art pieces such as coasters, bookmarks, key rings as well as my usual paintings. This has enabled me to create fun & affordable pieces of art that can be used within day to day life.

A wide range of resin petris I have made. These also are frequently used as coasters but also look lovely displayed with a little easel. These are created using resin & alcohol inks. 

 Belfast is the home to so many talented and inspiring artists.

“One thing I really love about the art scene here is the sense of community within it, everyone is supporting each other & rooting for each other’s success.”

This month I plan to launch my website which is so exciting for me, so keep an eye out! This launch will include a whole range of functional art pieces along with a painting series (hopefully). You can keep an eye out on my Instagram, where I will be posting shop updates and process videos. Post lock down, I have a lot of plans that I’m hoping to manifest; especially for 2021:  like collaborations and series pieces. This is just the beginning!

Cliffs of Moher oil painting on canvas. 62cmx 62cm. This piece is part of a series I have began to create in lock down. Due to the restrictions Covid has placed on countries worldwide, we have been forced to appreciate the scenery on our doorstep. This has inspired me to paint my perceptions of some of the beautiful landscapes afforded to us in this country. I used a palette knife to create the texture within this landscape & once dry, it will be finished with a glossy varnish. 


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