Artist Profile: Anna McAteer

Anna McAteer is a Graphic Design and Illustration student from Ulster University Belfast, Anna spoke to The Jumble Magazine about self discovery within art, Studio Ghibli, and getting through perfectionism. 

I would describe my art as vent art with confused westernised anime.

I find my own feelings to be the main output for creation, most of my art and uni projects have been about my own take on trying to accept myself no matter how badly I might perceive myself. I’m trying to become okay with being imperfect , and trying to learn it’s okay to not completely love yourself, that its okay to focus on accepting your imperfections instead. I love Ghibli films and Animal Crossing; ever since I was a kid I would always love the fantasy of animals being my friends, nature and going on adventures that make you a better person. Ghibli always captures the magic and sweetness of nature in a very straightforward way with bubbly fluffy trees and flowing bouncy water, so it has become a style and standard of its own. They also visualise how nature and humanity are deeply intertwined. I love to incorporate that into my work, giving a personality to everything. I think I’ve always been interested in self discovery having been a sheltered kid with no friends to form a personality from as sad as that sounds! Ghibli has been comforting in that sense as the young main character usually goes through the story on their own. 

I don’t think I have a very refined art style as of yet. I’m trying to discover my own style as I go, but I reckon my tongue in cheek, slightly pessimistic narrative on things is distinct in my work along with my soft colour palette. 

The Lock down has actually helped me to create a bit more. I find it very hard to sit down and create normally, as a lot of the fun and freedom of art has been stunted by the perfectionism I’ve seemed to develop from my A level standard of fine art realism painting. I also think having a job normally takes up a lot of my time. Thanks to lock down I have started  more creative projects and have been journaling a lot more too, if the world is ending there’s no need to be perfect the first time around!

You can find more of Anna’s art on Instagram.


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