Artist Profile: Kerrie McNeill

Kerrie McNeill is a second year Graphic Design and Illustration student studying at Belfast School of Art. Kerrie spoke to The Jumble Magazine about colour palettes, the lock down, and finding inspiration in past travels that aren’t possible this summer. 

My art is vibrant, playful and decorative. My illustrations are heavily influenced by bright colour palettes, patterns and the world around us. 

I love travelling and a lot of my inspiration has come from places I have visited. I take photos of anything I like the look of; old buildings, postcards, scenery, colours- everything. Usually I just look at them when I’m needing a little inspiration. When I’m in a creative slump and don’t know what to do I always look at what other artists are up to. Some Illustrators that I’m loving at the moment include; Nina Cosford, Livia Fălcaru and Eleanor Bowmer. 

There’s a lot of me within my work. I illustrate things that I personally have an interest in like plants, interior décor, and patterns. I think it gives people a little idea of what I’m like as a person. Growing up I’ve always had a love of fashion and I always gravitate to the most colourful clothes and funky patterns. My favourite colours to use are pinks and peachy tones, although recently I’ve really enjoyed being experimental and using different colour palettes. 

Illustration from a Zine series focusing on Fast Fashion

The lock down has definitely been strange for me, from finishing my semester early to suddenly working way more hours in my part time job at Tesco which definitely kept me busy and helped take the edge off of not seeing friends and family. I had a little creative break to process everything that has been going on but I’m back now and ready to go! I’m trying to do at least one drawing a day to get myself back into the flow of creating. At the moment I’m thinking of doing a series of illustrations on places I visited last summer seeing as I probably won’t be travelling this year but at least I will be able to look back at the memories!

You can find more of Kerrie’s work on Instagram and on


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