The New Normal Zine

During the lock down there has been a lot of phenomenal work coming from local creatives, artists have been making do with their at home resources to produce incredible pieces. One of which is a collaborative project called ‘The New Normal Zine’, a Zine all about the lock down made up of artwork by nine different artists who have met through studying at Ulster University.  The curator of the project, Elle McGreevy, spoke to The Jumble Magazine all about the zine and the process of making it happen:

I thought it would be cool to come together and collaborate to make a zine as a way to stay active and connected in this bizarre time, so I asked some of my pals from my illustration class at Ulster University (second year graphic design & illustration) and sent them out a small brief basically asking them all to create a few illustrations, diary entries, and collages based around how they are coping at the minute. I made a rainbow based palette as it is such an important symbol of hope that we are seeing everywhere at the minute, and then gave the artists involved one colour each and black and white to work with to create some illustrations that we are all really proud of! 

“I wanted the zine to be a reflection of where we are all at as a group of students right now, so any tone, serious or light-hearted, was welcome.”

The Zine starts with the John Donne poem ‘No Man Is an Island‘ which I think sets off the tone and reasoning behind why we came together to create this – coming together and relying on the company and comfort of each other in order to thrive and create something lovely. We are all super proud of the outcome and love that as soon as you flick through it, its bursting with colour! I got some copies printed for us all and made stickers out of our designs and we had our own little zine, it was such a fun project to work on.

You can check out ‘The New Normal Zine’ by clicking here .

You can also support the artists involved by checing out their work on Instagram:

Elle Mc Greevy

Caolan Teague

Nora Kraska

Emily McClements

Megan Rafferty

Rebecca Elliott

Elina Fallon

Hannah Witherspoon

Kerrie McNeill

All photos by Elle Mc Greevy


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