A Chat with the Guys from Half Bap Studios

Half Bap Recording Studios are situated in the heart of Belfast Cathedral quarter and have been supporting and recording the work of local and international musicians since 2013. Since the lock down period began, Graham and George from Half Bap Studios have been offering 1.2.1 tutorials via Zoom for artists who are recording at home. I spoke to Graham and George about this process and how it works. 

Tell us a bit about Halfbap Studios 

When we started off the two of us had just come out of college, so it was nice and fresh. We started working on a few small things around 2011, but the studio really got going in 2013. Since then it’s grown massively in popularity with the work we have been doing, but the studio space itself has also grown physically. Our main aim is to provide a relaxed environment for artists to record in. We have recorded artists from all across the globe, which has been amazing. 

Half Bap Recording Studios: Photo by Ciara McMullan

I’ve spoken to a lot of musicians who have had to put everything on hold at the minute, working on the production side of the industry- how has the lock down affected your line of work? 

It’s really affecting us now, obviously we can’t record anyone. Were doing bits of mixing from home but we’re not able to bring anyone new in. What the worry is, obviously, now that gigs aren’t happening a lot of musicians are not earning enough money to actually record new material, at least not for a while. 

The 1.2.1 sessions all kind of came about because we are involved with a steering group for Belfast City Council for music. A staff member from Dawsons Music Belfast is also on that committee and he said that in the first few weeks of lock down they had sold out of all interfaces and small packages for home recording. That got us thinking that the best way to help out local musicians during all of this madness was to help ensure that everyone knew what they were doing in order to create their best possible home recordings. If you tell a musician that they aren’t allowed to leave the house for a few weeks, they’re gonna write music. It’s important for us that they can capture those ideas as best as possible, it helps keep the music scene thriving. 

How do the 1.2.1 tutorials work? 

We have found that a lot of people recording from home have been getting stuck along the way. We aim to provide them with all the specific guidance and info they need by using zoom and the screen sharing option, that way we can listen back to their music and see what they’re doing as they’re doing it and help point them in the right direction. 

How can artists who are interested book a session? 

We’ve been helping out recording artists of so many different genres, whether it’s digital music, mixing and mastering a full band, or even recording a podcast. The sessions are open to anyone, of any level, who is interested. You can send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook or send an email to info@halfbapstudios.com 

How much do they need to have at home? 

If you’re recording from home using any kind of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), whether that’s pro tools, logic, audacity, or even garage band, you can book a session. 

The 1.2.1 sessions with Halfbap Studios are priced at £30 an hour, they offer a free 20 minute consultation beforehand to work out exactly what would work best for you.

Interview by Sam Dineen


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