Artist Profile: Megan Rafferty

‘Abandoned Cottage’

Megan Rafferty is a second year Illustration Student at Ulster University/ Belfast School of Art and a self described ‘tea enthusiast and lover of pink’. Megan spoke to The Jumble Magazine about baking, art styles, and getting over the lock down slump. 

How would you describe your work?

Cheerful, colourful & cute!

What inspires you to create?

I’m a hopeless romantic. I just think there’s so much loveliness in the world around us, and illustration is the perfect medium to capture it. When you draw, you capture the world in a way unique to you – if I want the sky to be pink and the sea to be lilac, I can just do that! 

I love recording things; I have detailed journals, make little video logs and take photos when I can. Illustration, however, is my favourite way to record – I can recreate moments I couldn’t get on camera, exaggerate them to how it felt at the time and colour them as I see fit. I think that’s what inspires me; the desire to illustrate the world, and the people around me, in the way I see it. A record of the things I think, see and feel that might even outlive me one day.

‘Enchanted Woods’

What makes your art personal?

“What makes my work my own is its messiness; I learned a while ago that I can’t draw a neat line to save my life, but I’ve embraced that!”

There’s so much energy in scribbly lines, and I like my work to be light-hearted and fun. Making things big, bouncy and bendy is what I’m currently working towards – I love drawing people with big bug eyes, noodly limbs and volumized hair, and I’m learning that the looser, the better! 

How has the lock down impacted your ability to create?

We finished our semester early in April, and after that I had a bit of a creative slump – but I’ve since picked myself up! I’m currently partaking in ‘Misadventure May’; a prompt-based challenge where you create a new Fantasy themed drawing each day of May. I’ve had so much fun with it – every morning I get to work on it straight after breakfast and finish before tea. I love having a little routine, and so far, this challenge has been the Sun which my days orbit around.

During and after my wee creative slump, I’ve been getting really into baking as well! Whilst bakes don’t really have the same permanence as illustrations do, it’s just as satisfying as a creative outlet. It’s been quite pleasant to just spend my days creating, alternating between baking, making & drawing.

‘Second Chances’, ‘Tea Shop’, and ‘An Introduction to Forest Bathing’

You can find more of Megan’s art on Instagram .



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