Artist Profile: Hannah Morgan

Hannah Morgan runs a small business called ‘Hannah Rosaria Art’. The business was born through Hannah studying Fine Art Painting at Belfast School of Art. Hannah specialises in all things Pinterly, from unique commissioned paintings to  hosting her own paint events, such as ‘Paint Night – The Magic of Painting!’ Hannah chatted to The Jumble Magazine about her inspiration, chronic pain and the lock down. 

How would you describe your art?

My work is a culmination of the world I see around me and my own imagination. A tutor of mine once said my work seemed to achieve a sense of ‘Magic Realism’ which depicts reality as we know it – while adding in magical elements. So I guess I’ll stick to that!

What inspires you to create?

Inspiration for me can come from anyone or anything. For example: the sky is something I am so compelled by and fascinated with. The colours, the textures, the weather, cloud complexities, the sun, moon and stars. You can be sure that in anything I create there will be elements of nature.

What makes your art personal?

My creation process consists of collecting mental images of things / places / people that take my interest and over time I collect enough that it culminates in the completion of a painting.

“I paint as a means of escapism from chronic pain – caused by Endometriosis. I became sick 12 years ago when I was 13, but luckily fell upon my artistic path as I felt creating was the only way to distract from the pain I was in.”

Everything I create is emotionally charged as it has been used as a form of therapy. When in painting I never hold myself back or second guess myself, using vibrant colours and bold lines and shapes. Although my work may be varied I would say it now seems cohesive and truly my own as every element of such work will be a personal image I have deemed worthy enough to paint.

What impact has the lock down had on your work?

I’ve tried to take lock down in my stride and really spend all the time I can creating. I’ve been able to create a fresco style wall mural in my bedroom which pretty much encapsulates all my favourite things to look at – flowers, clouds, magpies, the moon, you name it! Lock down has even pushed me to try digital drawing and I’ve seemed to dive head first into it. I’m now creating digital drawings of the ever inspiring nurses and doctors that are working on the frontline against the Coronavirus.

You can find more of Hannah’s art on Instagram .


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  1. Hannah thank you for giving your time to guide us this morning in the Art Therapy zoom class. I’m no artist, but I got lost in what we were doing and forgot my pain. Loved this. Effie. 💜🎨


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