Artist Profile : Claudia Maxwell Designs

Claudia Maxwell Designs is a small business which started in 2019. Claudia started the business after graduating from Textile Art, Design and Fashion at Ulster University. Claudia makes personalised laser cut accessories. Claudia spoke to The Jumble Magazine about laser cutting, creating jewellery, and the lock downs impact on running a small business.

How would you describe your work?

“I would describe my work as unique personal pieces that make a statement. I want my pieces to make you to feel your best self when you wear them.”

What inspires you to create?

I’m extremely enthused by creating exuberant designs with vibrant colours and distinctive materials , often the things I make are things that I can picture myself wearing.

Work from Claudia’s Graduate Collecion. Photo by Glenn Norwood

What makes your art personal?

Growing up I always remember going into shops that had personalised bottles, purses, or signs but my name was never on one of them. As a child it was frustrating, my sister would always get her name. On a family holiday I finally found a key ring with my name, which made me feel so happy. Now I’m glad I can help others get their names on accessories and make them feel that the pieces are made especially for them. 

How has the lockdown impacted your ability to create?

I’m very lucky that I design, laser cut, and make my pieces from home. However, it’s now harder for me to source my materials as other businesses are being impacted. It’s caused a backlog for people receiving their orders but thankfully people have been so lovely and understanding of what’s going on and how COVID-19 is affecting small businesses.

You can check out more of Claudia’s designs here: or on Instagram.


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