Artist Profile: Elle McGreevy

Elle McGreevy is a Belfast based graphic illustrator who is currently studying Graphic
Design & Illustration at Ulster University. Elle’s catalogue is permeated by a dreamlike quality heightened by a through-line of vibrant colour palettes and surreal simulacrum. Elle spoke to The Jumble Magazine about art, influences and the lock down.

A cover of one of Elle’s zines about sustainability in the fashion industry.

What or who inspires you to create?

In terms of other artists, my influences range from surreal artists like Joan Miró and Man
Ray to contemporary designers such as Paula Scher and Ed Templeton. However, a lot of
the work I make is inspired by things I see/ do/ hear in everyday life.

“I’ll be in a daydream on the bus on my way to work and imagine the people and landscapes around me changing, and then I’ll scribble that down and later try to make something from it.”

I like to extract the banal of the domestic and translate it into something more colourful and

A spread from Elle’s sustainability zine

What is your creative process?

I’m originally from a background focused on fine art, but over the last few years I have branched
into illustration and design. Through utilising traditional and digital illustration, hand
rendered typography and graphic means I have been creating zines, gifs, record sleeves,
posters, ep artwork and spot illustrations. In my illustrations in particular, I have focused
on abstractions of reality, taking known imagery and hybridising them in order to create
work that (I hope) is equal parts unsettling and familiar.

How has the lock down impacted your work?

I have been very lucky to be staying with my parents in their home on the North Coast, and with my surroundings and the weather being nicer than my teeny flat in Belfast I have found myself creating more tangible work. Instead of sketching and creating digital illustrations inside all day on my
computer I have been out in the sun painting and making. I’ve made a fun little series of plant pots and also have been painting on old bathroom tiles. It is refreshing and I feel very grateful to be here during this time.

More of Elle’s work, including EP & single cover illustrated for Belfast band All The Few.

You can check out more of Elle’s work on Instagram or on Elle’s website


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